The brief to create a public exhibition space in the single, small chapel room  while funding the project as a commercial office required a flexible approach. The brief also required future use of the building and immediate site to change over time.

The public use the front doors and see little evidence of an office. Flexible storage and desking are removable. During working hours the units open up to reveal the clutter of work. All support services are located in a new build, temporary annexe.

For Research Design there is no difference in approach to historic building work or new build work. The project involved understanding the original form, construction and history of the building. New insertions (a serviced floor, a brick door, a lighting system...) are recognised as C21st additions but at the same time do not obscure the clarity of the original design. Repairs to the original fabric are limited to stabilisation and like for like replacement.

The project allowed us to present our interest in landscape and low key new construction. The stand alone service building is a wall clad in reclaimed tiles from the chapel roof.

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